4 Reasons To Hire A Green Cleaning Service For Your Office Building

Posted on: 21 May 2015

If you're looking for a cleaning service for your office building or office, you might want to consider hiring a green cleaning service. There are many companies that offer green cleaning today, using gentler chemicals that are better for the environment. These cleaning services are not necessarily more expensive than traditional services, and they have some benefits that your employees may appreciate.

1. Green Cleaning Solutions Are Less Caustic

Not only are green cleaning solutions safer for the environment, but they are also gentler for people. It makes sense -- green cleaners prefer to use non-corrosive, less harsh chemicals in general. This can lower the chances of someone having a reaction to the cleaning solutions that are being used. Some non-green products can cause both skin and eye irritation if an employee sensitive to them is exposed. 

2. Green Cleaning Fits In With Company Culture

Many companies today boast high corporate responsibility. There are quite a few investors who are interested in green companies; hiring a green cleaning service contributes to a company culture of environmental safety. For companies that manage multiple office buildings and must deal with commercial tenants, green cleaning can be a way to draw in interested green companies. 

3. Green Cleaning Is Less Intrusive

Green cleaning solutions do not use additional scents or colors because they avoid unnecessary chemicals. This cuts down on the chance of unpleasant or sterile smells in the office, in addition to the possibility of staining with over-colored products. Not only could chemical smells be irritating to employees who need to experience them all day, but they could also be off-putting to clients and investors who stop by.

4. Green Cleaning Provides Better Air Quality

Harsh chemicals used in traditional cleaning services may intrude upon air quality, becoming a pollutant. Employees may inhale the fumes from these cleaning solutions and have a negative reaction to them. Because green cleaning does not use chemicals that give off these types of fumes, the risk is substantially reduced (if not entirely mitigated). For companies that have employees in enclosed spaces or spaces that do not have windows, this can be even more important.

A "green" cleaning service can mean a lot of things, so you may want to inquire with cleaning services regarding exactly how green their techniques are. Overall, greener companies pay more attention to both the environmental and personal impact of the services they offer. For more information, contact a company like Ak Pros.