Don'T Forget To Clean These 5 Areas Of Your Bathroom

Posted on: 21 May 2015

When you clean your bathroom, you probably dedicate most of your time to the sink, toilet, counters, and bathtub. While these are the main areas to clean, there are also some areas you might have forgotten about. Remember to clean the following five important things to keep your bathroom shiny.

Shower Curtain

When you are busy cleaning the shower and bathtub, don't forget about the shower curtain! The curtain may seem like it gets cleaned during your showers, but it can quickly develop grime and scum. The shower curtain might get mildew and need to be replaced if you are not cleaning it properly. You can use mild soap and warm water to wash it, or place it in the washing machine if you need a more thorough washing. Also remember to wash the liner.

Underneath the Sink

Not only should you clean inside your bathroom sink and on the countertops, but clean beneath the sink as well. Open up the cabinets and start organizing your cleaning products. Throw away any products that are older or don't get used often, then move the others aside. Wipe down the inside of the cabinet and wipe over the sink's plumbing to remove dust or grime. If you need extra storage under the sink use bins or baskets.


You probably clean out your drains when the water is running slow and you have a clog, but this should not be the only time your drains get cleaned. If you remember to clean them more regularly, you won't have to deal with major clogs later on. When you clean the drains, start by pouring a little water down them, then follow it with baking soda and vinegar. Let that sit for a few minutes, then run hot water down the drains for a few minutes.

Switches, Outlets, and Handles

Some other areas of the bathroom that rarely get cleaned are the switches and outlets on the wall, plus the door handle. That handle is probably not as clean as you would like, especially if you have kids in your home that might not be washing their hands every time you use the bathroom. You should wipe the handles every day with antibacterial wipes to get rid of the bacteria. The switches and outlets can also get clean simply by wiping them down every week or so.

Toilet Brush and Holder

The toilet brush and its holder need to be kept clean. Every time you clean the toilet with the brush, rinse it very well. You should also be wiping down the inside and outside of the toilet brush holder. You are placing the brush back in there, so it can collect dirt and grime if you don't clean it.

If this sounds like a task that you don't want to tackle, contact a cleaning company, like Lelia's Cleaning Service, Inc., to do the job for you.