Four Tips To Improve Your Window Displays

Posted on: 27 May 2015

Your window display area provides a free billboard for passing traffic, both pedestrian and motorized. Failing to outfit it properly can make or break your business. The following tips will help you dress your windows for success, no matter what your product line is:

#1: Keep It Clean

Dirty, dingy windows make your store look dirty. This is especially off-putting if you sell food or wearable items. You need to make sure the windows are squeaky clean at all times. Although staff can handle daily upkeep, it's a good idea to hire a professional commercial window cleaner once monthly. They have the tools and knowledge to remove hard water spots and grime without leaving streaks.

If you use window paint as part of your display, you will need a professional cleaning each time you switch up the paint design. These paints can be difficult to remove entirely so it's best to depend upon a skilled professional.

#2: Pick a Theme

Don't throw everything you carry in the window. This just makes the place look cluttered and dirty, no matter how clean the glass is. Instead, pick a theme. Seasonal themes work well for most businesses. For example, cake shops tend to display wedding cakes in early summer and pink and red treats in February. Even a shop where a theme isn't as obvious, such as an office supply store, can use themes. For example, back to school in the fall, or office organizing items in January.

#3: Make it Quirky

You want your window display to stand out and be memorable. Look at your display needs, such as tables, mannequins, or shelves, then think outside the box. Instead of mannequins, consider using over-sized stuffed animals as mannequins for children's clothing. Opt for unique vintage furniture instead of standard display tables and shelves. The display should match the feel and mood of your shop, so it entices new customers inside.

#4: Add the Finishing Touches

Think about closing the sale, even when you are making a window display. You want to add something that is irresistible to your customers. This could be something as simple as a sign declaring a seasonal sale or that new product is in.

You also need to make sure that passers-by can easily see your display. Good illumination is a must. The lights should shine onto the displayed items but not toward the glass, otherwise there will be glare off the sparkly clean windows. For more help, contact a company like Allen Commercial Cleaning Services to learn more.