Keeping A Large Office Complex In Order: How A Janitorial Service Can Help

Posted on: 29 May 2015

Did you open a large office complex that is expected to bring in a constant flow of people? If you want to maintain an orderly and clean office complex, you may want to invest in regular services for a janitorial company. Find out below how your office complex can benefit from janitorial services, as well as what you will be charged.

Why Should a Janitorial Company Be Hired for an Office Complex?

One of the benefits of hiring a janitorial company is the general office maintenance that they can provide. For instance, you will never have to worry about problems being left unfixed for a long time such as clogged up toilets and blown out light bulbs. The janitorial company will also make sure that you are notified when cleaning supplies run out so you can keep a good supply. You can also count on the janitors to use some of their own equipment and supplies.

The janitors will make sure that the toilets in the restrooms are kept cleaned, along with the counters getting sanitized. You can also count on the janitors to keep the elevators and stairs clean, if you have any. Keep in mind that you can insist that green products are used if you don't want to get exposed to the harmful chemicals in other products.

A janitorial company can also improve the appeal of the exterior of the office complex by keeping the blinds and windows clean. The windows will be cleaned on the interior and exterior of the building. Exterior maintenance from a janitorial company also extends to removing dirt off of the building and walkways. For instance, the janitorial company will be able to pressure wash your building and walkways when dirt begins to accumulate. Leaves and trash will also be picked up.

What Does a Janitorial Company Charge for Office Complex Cleaning?

The overall price charged for a janitorial company to clean your office complex will depend on the services provided and square footage being cleaned. The number of times per week the complex is cleaned will also be factored into the price. You are looking to spend an average of up to $0.55 per square foot of office space that is cleaned.

Make sure that you can come in to an orderly office each day by getting it cleaned by professionals. Get in touch with a local janitorial service, like Threefold Janitorial Services, if you have questions.