Mobile Home Owners: Check Out The Benefits Of Pressure Washing

Posted on: 29 May 2015

Caring for a mobile home is essential for preserving its value. When it comes to mobile home maintenance, including the siding and roof is extremely important. Check out how you can provide great maintenance for your mobile home using a pressure washer.

Vinyl Siding And Algae Growth

If your home is under trees or in a lot of shade from trees, you may see a green growth on its siding. Algae loves shady, cool, moist areas and can thrive on vinyl siding. Cleaning algae with a brush, bleach and the detergent of your choice is a good idea before you pressure wash it. By rinsing with a pressure washer, you are able to reach the tiny grooves in the texture of the siding. If your mobile home still has traditional metal siding and you want to put vinyl siding over it, make sure you thoroughly clean the metal siding first using a pressure washer. Doing so will help to prevent the growth of mold, mildew and algae beneath your new siding.

Mobile Homes And Shingled Roofs

Many mobile homes today have gabled, shingled roofs that attract algae growth capable of staining your roof. Preventing this algae from growing is easiest by scheduling regular roofing cleanings. To get the best and safest results for your mobile home's shingle roof, contacting a commercial pressure washing company like A Blast To the Past is best. Getting up on your roof with a strong pressure washer could be unsafe if you have never done so before.

Keeping Your Decks, Patios And Walkways Looking Great

A pressure washer set at its lowest level of pressure works great to clean debris off your concrete walkway or from your brick patio. Keeping debris like leaves and sticks off your decks and patios can help to keep down moisture. Remember that algae and other growth like mold and mildew love wet, moist places, so staying on top of debris build up on your decks or patios is important.

One of the greatest benefits of using a pressure washer at your home regularly is the clean, neat appearance it helps you maintain to passersby. The cleaner and neater your house is, the better first impression you make to those that visit you. You can easily wash the siding of your mobile home using a pressure washer. Remember to always use a detergent specially formulated for pressure washers. Staying abreast of home maintenance and cleaning can also help to protect the investment you have in your mobile home as well.