How Clean Carpets Help Keep You Healthy

Posted on: 1 June 2015

If you love the warm and cozy feel that carpeted floors provide for you and your family, you also know how important it is to keep the carpet clean and fresh. Having clean carpets in your home not only makes a nice first impression to visitors, but many carpet manufacturers require a professional cleaning once every six months to maintain the warranty.

However, there is another good reason to have your carpets regularly steam-cleaned; it's good for your health. Read on to find out how carpet cleaning can help you to keep your home healthier for your family:

Indoor Pollutants

The carpet in your home holds an invisible and dangerous secret: indoor pollutants. Everything from lead and pet dander to bug parts, not to mention the usual dust and dirt can be found in your carpet.  While vacuuming regularly is important and will take care of some of the surface dirt, it can actually cause more harm than good. The motion of the vacuum, along with just walking across the carpet, releases trapped irritants into the air, for you to breathe.

Professional carpet cleaners use special cleaning solutions that both kill bacterial and trap the pollutants to prevent them from circulating into the air. This process involves using a strong vacuum suction, far stronger than your normal household vacuum cleaner, to remove all traces of potential allergy-causing particles and dirt.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are microscopic bugs, too small to be seen without a magnifier. It is the feces and body fragments that can wreck havoc with allergy sufferers, since the tiny particles can be inhaled. Professional carpet cleaners use a high temperature steam which kills dust mites.


Where there's moisture there is always an opportunity for mold growth. Even a small amount of water tracked in due to a rainy day can begin mold growth. In addition to the carpet, the moisture will also soak into the padding below, becoming trapped and incapable of drying quickly.

Many try to save some money by renting a steam cleaning machine for the day. Unfortunately, these machines are not as strong as those that a professional carpet cleaning company uses, resulting in moisture being left to grow mold. It will require a professional-strength cleaning and vacuuming to remove moisture and mold to alleviate this problem.

The unhealthy irritants listed above can be wiped out in a quick and convenient visit from a professional carpet cleaner. The processes used will eliminate the dust, dirt and irritants allowing you and your entire family to breathe easier. To learn more, contact a company like Clean Sweep Professional Cleaning Service.