Four Ways To Ensure Your Carpet Shampooing Session Removes As Much Dirt As Possible

Posted on: 5 September 2015

If you're going to take the time to shampoo your carpet, you want to make sure as much dirt as possible is removed from the process. Here are four strategies to ensure that your carpet emerges remarkably clean after your next DIY shampooing session with a home carpet shampooer machine.

Use a cleaning solution made specifically for your shampooer.

Carpet shampooers typically have one reservoir for the shampoo, and a second one for water. They mix the shampoo and water together in a specific ratio. Thus, if you buy a shampoo made from a different types of shampooer, you may not end up with the correct dilution of shampoo, and your carpet may not get as clean as possible. Make sure the shampoo you buy specifically states that it's compatible with the carpet shampooer you own, and always place it in the shampooer according to package instructions.

Give the water time to get hot.

Most carpet shampooers heat the water before injecting it into the carpet, since warmer water is better at extracting dirt. However, it takes the heating elements in the shampooer some time to heat up. Turn on your shampooer, and let it heat for a while before you start using it, so you're not putting lukewarm or cold water onto your carpet. Your shampooer's instructions may tell you how long to let it heat up, but if they don't, 10 – 15 minutes is a good starting point.

Go over your carpet several extra times with the shampooer on "suction only" mode.

The dirt in your carpet gets mixed into the water your shampooer ejects onto the carpet. If you leave a lot of water behind, you leave a lot of dirt behind, too. After you've gone over your whole carpet with the shampooer on "shampoo and suction" mode, go over it a few extra times with it on "suction only" mode to suck up any remaining water and dirt.

Wipe off the bottom of your shampooer periodically.

The bottom of carpet shampooers can get grimy as you work, and that dirt can be spread to other areas of the carpet. Every few minutes, wipe the bottom of your shampooer unit off with some paper towels, and you'll avoid this issue.

With the tips above, you can get a carpet remarkably clean with a home shampooing system. Remember, also, that the better quality shampooer you purchase, the better your results will be. To find out more, speak with a business like Atlantic Carpet Care.