3 Helpful Services Commercial Chimney Repair Companies Can Offer To Property Owners

Posted on: 2 June 2019

If your commercial building has a chimney, it may suffer damage at some point. These problems can be difficult and dangerous to repair, which is why it's always best to hire a commercial chimney repair company. They can offer the following services. 

Chimney Liner Restoration 

The chimney liner plays an important role for your commercial chimney, as it helps contain combustion products and send them outside safely. When this liner gets damaged, your chimney may no longer be safe to use. For this repair, you should always contact a professional company.

First, they'll perform a thorough inspection inside your chimney to see what sections of the liner need restoration. Once these areas are pinpointed, the repair company can begin restoring these sections immediately. When they're done, your chimney's liner will be perfect structurally and capable of carrying out its assigned role.

Brick Replacement 

If your commercial chimney is really old, certain portions of the brick may be severely damaged. Not only does this take away from your chimney's aesthetics, but it can also cause performance issues. Fortunately, commercial chimney repair companies can handle brick damage with ease.

If the bricks can't be salvaged, they'll find suitable replacements. The bricks will be matched with the current bricks on your chimney, which ensures an in-sync look.

The new bricks also will be properly secured, ensuring they don't move or come out of position after this installation. Also, these companies can stain bricks to match existing bricks if they're rare and hard to find on the market.


If your commercial chimney keeps getting damaged after heavy rains, then it may not have been properly waterproofed. You need to address this issue before severe damage results and costs you a lot of money. For these waterproofing services, you should work with a commercial chimney repair company. 

They have specialized tools that enable them to complete this waterproofing quickly and safely. The most important sections of your chimney will receive waterproof treatments, ensuring water can no longer cause damage to your chimney. This will give you peace of mind the next time water comes in contact with it again. 

There are many commercial buildings today that have chimneys. If yours does and the chimney needs to be repaired, contact a company that offers commercial chimney repair services. These companies can do many things to help ensure your chimney looks great and is structurally sound.