Modern Fireplace, Traditional Tools

Posted on: 31 October 2019

Fireplaces have served as important features in homes for many centuries. A fireplace used to serve as both a source of warmth and a place where families could cook their meals. Modern appliances like the furnace and oven have eliminated the need to rely on a fireplace for day-to-day tasks, but homeowners still enjoy the warmth and ambiance that a fireplace can offer.

No matter how modern the design of your fireplace may be, there are some traditional tools that you will need to keep handy to help you maintain a safe and cozy fire in the future.


One of the more recognizable tools used to maintain a fire is a poker. The poker is essentially a long rod made from metal. The rod can be used to move logs around within the fire to promote a more even and aesthetically pleasing flame.

Look for a poker that is long enough to allow your hand to remain safely outside the field of heat generated by your fireplace. The handle of the poker should be insulated to protect your skin from burning as the metal poker heats up with use. A poker will allow you to reposition burning logs without risk of serious injury.


A bellows can be an invaluable tool when maintaining a fire in your modern fireplace. Bellows consist of an inlet valve, a nozzle, and handles. The handles are opened to draw air into the bellows, then closed to move the air through the nozzle into a specific location within your fire.

All flames need a steady supply of oxygen to burn properly. Using a bellows allows you to deliver a boost of oxygen to specific areas within your fire when the flames in those areas begin to die out.

Handmade bellows can be not only a functional fireplace tool, but a decorative item as well. Look for a bellows that is crafted using a specialty wood and carved leather. Many handmade bellows also feature embossed designs on the nozzle.


Once you decide to put out your fire, you will be left with ash inside the firebox. This ash needs to be cleaned out regularly to avoid having the ash escape out into your home. A special broom made with wire bristles can be used to collect ash in a pile.

Paired with a metal dustpan, the broom allows you to easily eliminate ash residue from your fireplace after each fire that you enjoy.