A Clean And Sanitary Vacation Rental Home Is Essential For Good Reviews And Return Guests

Posted on: 14 November 2019

When you own a vacation home you rent out, you rely on good reviews to bring in new guests and increased revenue. That means you have to provide an excellent experience for your guests, and one of the most important things is to provide your guests with a clean home. If your home is dusty or grimy, you'll probably get bad reviews and you'll have a harder time getting others to rent your vacation property. It's good to hire a professional cleaning service to clean your vacation home each time it's vacated so the house is spotless and ready for new guests. Vacation home cleaning is a little different than just cleaning a typical home. Here are some extra steps that need to be done.

Wash Sheets And Towels

A residential house cleaner may not worry about doing laundry, but washing used linens and towels is important so your next guests will have clean supplies ready to use. The cleaning service should wash the bed linens and put fresh ones on the beds. In addition, fresh towels should be placed in the restrooms and be ready for use. You want your home to be ready to greet weary travelers so they don't have to fuss with finding towels and getting a bed made when they first arrive.

Sanitize The Bathroom

Since different people will be using your home, it's good to deep-clean and sanitize the surfaces instead of just cleaning for dust. The house cleaning company should be familiar with the right products to use to kill germs while not harming surfaces such as granite or marble. In addition to being sparkling clean, your guests should feel like the home is also germ-free.

Check For Damage

If possible, have the same cleaners come to your home each time so they are familiar with how your home should look. When they spot damage, they can notify you immediately so you can handle the problem and charge the renters for repairs if necessary. If you don't live close enough to visit your home regularly, the cleaning service can also keep you updated on minor repairs that need to be done so you can schedule the work between bookings.

Clean The House

Vacation home cleaning involves extra cleaning steps, like cleaning the refrigerator, since the home needs to be spotless after each rental period is over. You may want to schedule deep-cleaning on a seasonal basis too, but the regular cleanings should eliminate dust buildup in high and low places, vacuuming, odor removal, and cleaning of all the surfaces so no grime, dirt, dust, or mildew is in the house. You may have to pay more for vacation home cleaning, but it's customary to charge a cleaning fee to your renters to offset the cost.