Concerned About COVID-19? Now's The Time For Commercial Office Cleaning

Posted on: 30 July 2020

Moving into fall may be a challenging time for business owners and investors across the nation. In addition to being concerned about how Coronavirus could impact your businesses, you may also be concerned about keeping employees safe, preserving your reputation, and keeping the stock price stable. Fortunately, commercial office cleaning can help with all of those goals. Here are a few perks of having commercial office cleaning

1. Create A Comfortable Experience For Guests

These days, guests are incredibly germ-conscious, shying away from any space that may not look as clean and tidy as it should. If you aren't careful, your retail space or office could become incredibly dirty throughout the day, which could scare off anyone coming into your business. 

Fortunately, by working with a commercial janitorial team, you can make sure every last corner of your business is as clean and tidy as possible, which can help to preserve the atmosphere you have worked so hard to create. When you are ready to create a comfortable experience for your guests, talk with your janitorial team about how they can help, how often they plan to come in to clean, and what to expect. 

2. Check Safety Guides and Shields

Whether you have taped guides on the floor telling people how close to stand to one another or you have shields between customer kiosks, it is crucial to keep those items in great condition. If clients can't see taped floor guides to see where to stand, they could become concerned about how to handle a situation, and if shields become dirty, people may wonder how sanitary the place really is. 

To keep things in good shape, try to have your janitorial team clean and sanitize safety guides throughout the day. While you may not want them reapplying safety guides, they could inform an employee when one needs an update. 

3. Sanitize All High-Touch Surfaces

High-touch surfaces like doorknobs, desks, breakroom tables, and conference rooms should be sanitized throughout the day to keep people safe, even if they wear masks and are focused on keeping their hands clean. Ask your cleaning company to sanitize these high-touch surfaces throughout the day to keep them as clean and tidy as possible.

When you are ready to start focusing on commercial office cleaning, talk with janitorial services in your area to ask about their services. You never know, by working with a team of experts who understand cleaning and can provide you with the right services, you can streamline the entire process and make your business better than ever before.