Crawlspace Encapsulation Is A Good Way To Eliminate Musty Odors, Mold, And Pests From Under Your Home

Posted on: 6 April 2021

If your crawlspace is a damp, messy place, the living spaces of your home could become affected. You might notice a musty odor, mold, an increase in insects, and increased humidity in your home. Your crawlspace has a direct effect on the living area above, so it's important to keep the crawlspace dry and clean. Encapsulating it in plastic sheeting is a good way to accomplish that. Here are some things to know about crawlspace encapsulation.

Leaks Should Be Repaired First

If your crawlspace always gets wet when it rains, the contractor will determine the cause and then fix the situation before encapsulating the area. This keeps water out of the encapsulated area so mold doesn't have a chance to grow.

Keeping water out of your basement might entail putting in a drain so water can't reach the crawlspace or installing a sump pump to keep the area under your house dry. The contractor may even want to hook up a dehumidifier once the area is encapsulated so the air in the enclosed space stays dry.

Old Insulation Is Removed

If the insulation in your crawlspace is ruined due to water damage or animal pests, the contractor will remove it before proceeding. Your entire crawlspace might need to be cleaned out depending on the type of damage and neglect it has seen. Once the area is ready, vapor barriers are applied to the floor and walls.

Vapor Barriers Block Water

Crawlspace encapsulation involves putting vapor barriers on the floor and walls. This keeps water vapor from the soil and seeping through concrete walls from entering the crawlspace and making it humid or damp. Another benefit of a vapor barrier is that it can also block radon that wafts up through the soil.

Plus, the barrier helps control pests. Pests are drawn to damp conditions, and once you keep your crawlspace nice and dry, insects and animals won't be as interested in getting under your house.

The Work Might Be Done In A Day

Crawlspace encapsulation doesn't take a long time. Your contractor might be done in a single day. It depends on the size of your crawlspace and how much prep work has to be done to repair damage and clean out the space.

You may notice a difference in your living space right away if your crawlspace had foul odors before. Encapsulating the crawlspace eliminates dampness and odors, so you may even be able to use the space for storage and other purposes rather than avoid it because it's messy, damp, and smelly.