Getting Better Results When Power Washing Your Siding

Posted on: 10 June 2021

Power washing is definitely a convenient way to get your siding clean. It requires so much less effort than getting up there and scrubbing with a bucket and sponge. Still, there are some tips you will want to follow in order to get great results when you power wash your siding.

Use a good pre-soak.

Rather than just power washing on high pressure from the get-go, try applying a pre-soak to your siding. Most home improvement and hardware stores sell them. You'll typically add a pre-measured amount to your power washer's chamber, and then dilute it down with water. You spay the pre-soak onto the siding with the pressure washer at the lowest pressure possible. Then, let it sit for as long as the bottle recommends, which is usually between 10 and 30 minutes. The pre-soak will loosen any grime so that it is easier to remove with your pressure washer. The result will be cleaner siding in the end.

Work from the top and go down.

This applies when applying the pre-soak and when you are actually washing the home on high pressure. Always clean the top of the house first and work your way down. Otherwise, if you clean the bottom of the house first, you will end up rinsing dirt right back onto those lower portions when you then clean the upper parts of the home.

Angle the pressure washer in a downward manner.

When you are pressure washing the siding, make sure you angle the pressure washer so that the nozzle, and therefore the stream of water, are pointed slightly downward. This way, you won't accidentally drive any dirt and water underneath the siding. You'll also be able to more effectively push the dirt and grime down towards the ground this way, so less of it will remain when you're done power washing.

Give it one final rinse.

After you have washed the entirety of the home with the pressure washer at a high pressure, go over it again with the washer on a low, soaking setting. (But don't use any pre-soak this time.) Just rinse it gently from top to bottom. This removes any last remnants of grime that were freed by the pressure washer, but not yet rinsed down.

When power washing your siding, make sure you stick to the recommendations above. They'll allow you to enjoy a much cleaner home exterior when all is said and done. Contact a residential power washing company if you need help.