Carpet Cleaning Recommendations For Your Own DIY And Professional Services

Posted on: 1 November 2021

The carpets in your home cover a pretty big area of floors in your home, and they take a large amount of wear and tear over time. And if you have pets or children, you know how quickly your carpets can show signs of their use. However, you can use some regular practices and habits to keep them looking their best. Here are some recommendations to help you keep your carpets clean with regular cleaning, diligence, and professional carpet cleaning services.

Use Spot Cleaning Maintenance

When you notice a stain or spot on your carpeting, it is best to clean it up right away so you avoid the stain becoming set and more permanent, as this can require you to arrange for a professional cleaning. However, when the spots are small enough that you can take care of them on your own, you can clean your carpets yourself, and your carpeting will stay clean looking for longer between annual carpet cleanings. 

It is best to work with a wet stain, but if you discover the stain after it has dried, you can still clean it up. Household products like vinegar and water often work well to moisture the stain debris and also loosen the materials causing the stain. After a short waiting period, you can clean the stain from the carpet by using a clean damp towel. Blotting helps the stain materials to be pulled into the cloth with the moisture. If you still see stains on the carpet, reapply the solution as more moisture will help you pull up more stain the second time. Repeat this process until there is no more stain left in the carpets. 

Arrange For Professional Cleaning

There are tasks you can complete at home to keep your carpets clean and to remove stains, but there are always going to be some areas of your carpeting that need to be handled by the experts, like areas in your home that get regular heavy traffic and mysterious stains and spots that appear that will just not come up with your treatments. A professional carpet cleaning service has the supplies and solutions to remove some of the worst common stains. 

Look for a carpet cleaning company that can use their own treatments to pre-treat stains and complete a full cleaning over your entire floor area. They can also use a carpet protection treatment to help your carpets stay cleaner longer.