How Does Bonnet Carpet Cleaning Differ from Steam Cleaning?

Posted on: 13 January 2022

You have probably read dozens of articles on why it is essential to seek frequent carpet cleaning services and sought numerous tips on hiring the right company. But do you know the best carpet cleaning method for your carpets? 

There are two popular carpet cleaning methods: bonnet and steam cleaning. Read on for a deeper understanding of each method and the differences between the two.

Bonnet Cleaning

This is a common carpet cleaning method where a special cleaning solution is pre-sprayed on the dirty carpet before the actual cleaning process. Bonnet cleaning can take two forms.

First, it can use a rotary floor machine with an interior cleaning pad. The pad is soaked in cleaning solution, and the rotary is moved on the carpet. The contents of the cleaning solution will depend on the stains on the carpet. If the stains are excessive, the solution could contain bleaching agents. 

Alternatively, bonnet cleaning can also be in the form of liquid encapsulation, where the carpet is pre-sprayed, bonneted, and vacuumed.

Bonnet cleaning effectively removes surface stains and is thus ideal for light cleaning. It is a first-choice for many homeowners because it is affordable and fast. This type of carpet cleaning is also suitable for carpets placed in a high-traffic area when there isn't enough time for deep cleaning.

Steam Cleaning 

This is a deeper carpet cleaning process that uses vapor. A warm solution is evaporated, directed to the carpet, and later removed by a cleaner during the cleaning process.

Steam cleaning uses a pump to send the steam inside the carpet fibers. Due to the pressure, the water vapor dislodges any dirt, stains, particles, and oils deep in the carpet fibers. The vacuum then sucks up all the dirt through a house.

Although steam cleaning is a time-consuming method, it is very effective. It deep cleans and effectively removes dirt, bacteria, and allergens. Additionally, it is versatile as it works well with different types of carpets and stains.

Steam cleaning is commonly offered by professional companies as it needs expensive equipment like a truck-mounted steam cleaner. The equipment helps achieve the required heat and suction during the cleaning.

Key Differences

There are two main differences between the two methods. The first is in terms of the cleaning process and equipment used. Bonnet cleaning uses pre-spraying before dislodging dirt by a vacuum or rotary floor machine. In contrast, steam cleaning involves using vapor and a truck-mounted steam cleaner.

The second difference is in the depth of cleaning. Bonnet cleaning focuses on the carpet's surface, while steam cleaning offers thorough cleaning inside the carpet fibers.  Would you like professional help with carpet cleaning? Get in touch with a cleaning company for your carpet cleaning needs.