Know When to Get the Professional Carpet Cleaner Out

Posted on: 3 February 2022

You should be having your carpet cleaned annually. However, not everyone does this. If you tend to put off having yours professionally cleaned until it really needs to be done, then you want to be sure you recognize the signs telling you the time has come to stop putting it off. Or, even if you are on top of the routine cleaning, something may come up that should prompt an additional cleaning. Here are some examples of times when a professional carpet cleaner should be called out.

Your family are having more allergy symptoms

If you are noticing that your family members are exhibiting more allergy symptoms, then this can indicate it's a good time to have professional carpet cleaners come out. When dust, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens go down in the carpet, they can get trapped underneath it. Then, when you walk on the carpet, those particles go back into the air to be breathed in, which can bring on those allergy symptoms. 

Your home has an odor to it

When you are spending a lot of time at home, like so many people are with the pandemic, you can be oblivious to the odors that can be coming from your carpet. However, when you do leave the house for a while, you may really notice it has an odor to it when you return home. The odor is likely coming from bacteria that are clinging to the fibers. Or, the odor may be coming from soiled areas of the padding underneath the surface of the carpet. When you notice these foul odors, it is time for the professional carpet cleaner to come clean your carpet for you. This will give you back your nice, fresh-smelling home. 

Your carpet is starting to look flat

 You don't want to let your carpet get to the point where it is lying flat. Regular vacuuming can help to prevent this. However, regular everyday use will eventually catch up to the carpet, and it will start going flat despite your vacuuming routine. When the carpet is starting to look like it is losing some of its height, you need the carpet cleaner to come out because they can help bring it back to life and get those fibers standing again. A tip that can also help prevent the carpet from going flat is to rearrange the furniture once in a while and try to change up the high-traffic areas, so no one area is always being walked on.

If any of the above reasons sound familiar, you might consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service such as Conscientious Carpet Care.