Home Air Duct Cleaning Eliminates Dust And Debris From Both Flexible And Rigid Ducts

Posted on: 12 October 2022

Home air duct cleaning might be needed if your ducts have a bad odor or if you have allergies and your symptoms flare up when you come home. Cleaning involves vacuuming, with sanitizing and deodorizing often available as additional services. Afterward, the ducts smell fresher and have less dust to blow through your house to irritate your allergies. Here are things you might want to know about home air duct cleaning.

Times Home Duct Cleaning Might Be Indicated

Duct cleaning can remove all kinds of debris that ends up in your ducts, such as pet hair, mice nests, sawdust from home renovation, and dust. If your home has been renovated recently, had water damage that included mold, or if you live with a smoker, then cleaning the ducts could get rid of irritants and improve the quality of the air that circulates through your home.

Vacuuming alone won't get rid of bacteria and mold that cause odors, so cleaning is often followed with fogging treatments that sanitize the ducts to kill mold and bacteria. This helps neutralize odors too.

If you wonder if your ducts should be cleaned, but you're not certain, consider having the inside of the ducts examined with a duct camera. The camera allows you to see photos and videos of the inside of the ducts so you can see all the dust and debris that has accumulated.

Flexible And Rigid Ducts Can Be Cleaned

If your home has flexible ducts, you may wonder if they can be cleaned. They can be, but it takes a different approach from rigid ducts. A whip or other cleaning device is often used on rigid ducts to knock dust off the sides. This could harm flexible ducts, so they are often cleaned with negative vacuum pressure alone.

The negative vacuum that's established during cleaning pulls dust and other debris out of the ducts no matter what they're made of. The negative pressure also keeps dust and debris from blowing out of the ducts and spreading around your home.

Home Duct Cleaning Might Take Several Hours

Cleaning ducts thoroughly is a time-consuming job. If you have a large home, the job could take several hours. The length of time it takes depends on the length of the ducts and how many ducts your home has.

You don't need to leave your home since the work doesn't generate dust that gets in your house. The vacuum collects dust and the air is filtered to remove small particles through HEPA filters, so it's safe to stay home and go about your day while the cleaning is going on.