4 Secrets To Keeping Your Carpet Looking New For Longer

Posted on: 20 January 2023

A high-quality carpet adds elegance to your home and provides warmth and comfort. However, your carpet deals with high traffic from home occupants and pets and will likely get dirtier and look dull and old quickly. If that happens, you might have to replace the carpet prematurely. But you can protect your carpet so it can last longer, and here are four secrets to help you.

1. Blot Wet Spots

If you have spilled coffee, tea, or any other liquid on your carpet, you should not scrub or rub the affected area. If you do, the stain will spread. Instead, you should blot the spot using a dry absorbent towel or clothing. It will absorb as much liquid as possible, ensuring the spot dries more quickly and the stain doesn't spread.

2. Pick Up Spilled Food Particles Immediately

If you, your family, and your friends like taking snacks in the living room, chances are high that food and snacks may end up spilling on the carpet. If you don't pick up the spilled food or snack pieces, they will be stepped on and ruin your carpet fibers. In addition, they will likely attract insect pests that will defecate on your carpet. Mold and bacteria also act on the particles, making the carpet stink. So after enjoying your meals and snacks, you should collect food spills from the carpet, if any.

3. Vacuuming Is Essential

Picking up visible particles of food on the carpet may not be enough. Vacuuming is a perfect option to remove solid particles from your carpet. It will prevent dirt accumulation that can weaken carpet fibers. Vacuuming also prevents it from looking dirty and old, which means that you don't have to replace it prematurely.

4. Clean It Professionally and Regularly

For your carpet to look new and last longer, you must hire experts to wash it regularly. Seasoned cleaners have the skills and specialized cleaning tools and equipment. In addition, they use effective and safe cleaning products that won't weaken or damage your carpet within a short time. They will clean your carpet correctly and enlighten you on ways to keep it looking new and last longer.

You should always ensure your valuable carpet looks new and lasts longer. For example, you should blot up spilled liquids immediately and pick up solid food particles that fall on the carpet. In addition, you should vacuum it every few days and hire residential carpet cleaning professionals to clean it occasionally.