Pool Looks Like It Is Sinking? How To Know It Is And How It Is Repaired

Posted on: 27 February 2023

If you look at your pool and it looks like it is sinking, this is due to the foundation settling. This can also happen if the pool does not have a foundation. This is something that needs to be repaired quickly. Below is information on what pool foundation settling is, as well as how a pool repair company takes care of it. 

Foundation Pool Settling

If your pool's foundation is settling it will be noticeable and your pool may also be losing water. Foundation settling means your pool is sinking into the soil. This is caused by the soil under the foundation shifting which is generally caused by dry soil or the soil may be eroding. This is not a common problem with pools, but it can happen. This is especially true if your pool is older. 

You may see cracks in the pool if the foundation is settling. The water may be higher at one end than the other. If you are seeing cracks on only one end of the pool, only this end is settling. Your entire foundation can get damaged, however, if not taken care of. You may notice gaps at the edge of the pool. 

Foundation Settling Repair

The pool repair company may use helical piers to hydraulically screw into the ground. Helical piers are steel foundation pins along with the helices. All of this works much like traditional screws. The screws need to be deep enough to reach the soil that needs to be stabilized. The pool repair company will need to remove all water from the pool before they get started. They will first attach supporting brackets and then use the piers through the brackets to stabilize the soil.

If your pool does not have a foundation the pool repair company can still repair it. To do this, they need to cut strips from the pool, remove the concrete, and then install the helical piers into the soil. A rebar is then installed to secure the helical piers. The concrete is then replaced with new concrete and allowed to dry and cure, which may take a few days. They will then fill the pool back up with water.

While the pool repair company is at your property, ask them to look at other problems the pool may have. If found, this is a good time to repair the problems so you and your family can enjoy your pool this summer.