Tips For Maintaining Beautiful Upholstery And Keeping Your Pet, At The Same Time

Posted on: 23 June 2015

Pets and upholstery just don't go together that well. You could say that owning pets runs counter to the mission of keeping nice upholstery. Your cat or dog wants to lounge and shed, chew and claw. Your upholstery just wants to sit there and look good, and your pet can prevent that from happening. Working carefully with your pet and your upholstery can help you resolve these differences once and for all.
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Want To Help Your Maid Service? Use These Tricks To Clean Items That Don't Get Much Attention

Posted on: 18 June 2015

If you love having a maid service, then you probably want to do everything you can to help these professionals out, so that they want to continue to come back. While you depend on this service to clean the majority of your home, there are some tasks that you can do to make their job easier. Here are three quick tricks you can do to save your maid service some time that they could be spending on other cleaning projects around your home.
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Four Steps To Maintaining A New Office

Posted on: 15 June 2015

When you're starting a new office, there a lot of details to coordinate. However, don't overlook these four items from the start; they can save you a lot of time and money in keeping your office running smoothly: Renting Office Equipment There are some benefits to buying your new furniture and equipment; aside from the obvious benefit of ownership, you may also be able to get a great financing deal when buying furniture outright.
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Employees With Allergies Will Be Appreciative If You Tackle These Cleaning Tasks

Posted on: 10 June 2015

You probably have either an employee or a cleaning service clean your office regularly, but there are tasks that are often skipped with regular cleaning. As a result, allergens like dust and mold spores can build up in your office, causing reactions in employees who suffer from allergies. Tackling these often-neglected, dirty areas will help alleviate their symptoms, which will allow them to work more productively. Shampooing the Carpet Your carpet is probably vacuumed regularly, but has it ever been shampooed?
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